Produktinformationen "Hypex NC400 Mono- Endstufen Bausatz" Hypex DIY Mono Aluminiumgehäuse Hypex nCore NC400 Endstufe, 400 Watt @4 Ohm / 200 Watt @8Ohm Hypex SMPS600 Netzteil Alle internen Anschlusskabel Stromanschlussbuchse mit Sicherung An-/Aus Schalter XLR (Female)- Signalkabel Anschlüsse


NC400 Hypex - 400W (4ohm) - 580W 2ohm - 200W (8ohm) High Quality Modular MONO Amplifier Class D. Ncore technology. Reccomended Supply (SMPS600) Voltage +-64V

Benötigte Eingangsspannung: 2 x 65 Volt DC Ausgangsleistung: 400 Watt @ 4 Ohm, 200 Watt @ 8 Ohm. Zum Monobetrieb empfehlen wir das Hypex SMPS600N400 Netzteil, zum Betrieb von zwei NC400 Modulen in einer Stereokonfiguration das Hypex SMPS1200A400. Hypex NC400 1x400W Ncore Monoblock Kit The NC400’s audio performance sets new standards, regardless of operating class or circuit technology. Thanks to the Ncore technology it does not only offer a way for audiophile music reproduction to continue in an ever more energy conscious world, its measured and sonic performance actually raises the bar for audio amplifiers of any description. The Hypex modules and connection cables I sourced locally: Hypex SMPS400 + cable set Hypex UcD-400HG (HG with HxR) + cableset. Pricing works out to about 400 euros per mono-block. The Ghent case is not directly compatible with the UCD400, meaning the module it cannot be attached directly to the case via its heat sink.

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Finns i Silver eller Svart Overview Stereo NC500DM ST Amplifier with true dual mono design with Hypex NCore NC 500 delivering power for the most 

Distortion (THD and IMD) over the full audio and power range is negligible, typically below 0.0007%. Distortion at listening levels (1W) is unmeasurable. Hypex SMPS1200A700 (1 pcs.) Hypex Ncore NC500 amplifier (1 pcs.) Apollon Audio Input Buffer Board (1 pcs.) Apollon Control Board for standby control Neutrik gold plated XLR line input socket (1 pcs.) Gold plated RCA line input with switch (1 pcs.) – OPTIONAL WBT 0703 CU binding posts (4 pcs.) Neotech UP-OCC 12AWG Solid Copper Speaker output wire Hypex nCore NC400.

Hembio; slutsteg; tillverkare. hypex; marantz; visar 2 produkter visa 12 24 36 92 quick view; lägg till jämförelse nc400 mono kit. 7 690,00 sek. visar. Detta kit 

Hypex nc400

Speaker outputs accommodate bare wire or banana plugs. Condition is very good overall. Front panels are clean.

Hypex nc400

7690 kr. Jämför pris · Vincent SP-998Vincent. 19980 kr..
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Hypex nc400

2014-08-29 · September 2014. Hypex NCore 400 Amplifier Enter a great Class D amplifier from the Netherlands.

Distortion (THD and IMD) over the full audio and power range is negligible, typically below 0.0007%.
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Stereoeffektförstärkare. En ultrakompakt stereoeffektförstärkare som drivs av Hypex Ncore-teknik, och är designad för dubbelförstärkning eller användning i BTL 

Anyone can build it and enjoy ridiculously good sound in the shortest time possible. You don't even need to solder, it has been done for you! The NC400 is a neat looking module.

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Hypex separated this section (unlike the NCore NC400) for OEM's to tune and make their amps unique. We go further and encourage you to further tune, change the sound to your preference by plugging in different Op Amps via the onboard 8 pin DIP socket allowing a change of sound in minutes! 1% metal film resistors and Audio Polystyrene Capacitors are used through out the Audio stage.

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The Ncore 400 delivers up to 400W into 4 Ohms, though that is dependent upon the power supply. These boards are intended for DIY'ers and are meant for use with Hypex switch mode power supplies. Normally the Ncore 400 is used with its sister supply SMPS600 -- the combination fit nicely to make compact monoblocks.

On another similar subject, Hypex itself is sold out of Nc400 kits and some of the " hockey pucks" have appeared from a Chinese source on  Hypex NC400 1x400W Ncore Monoblock Kit - końcówka mocy Zbuduj swój własny wysokiej jakości wzmacniacz klasy D oparty na technologii Ncore firmy  Dec 20, 2011 9723 JP Groningen, The Netherlands. +31 50 526 4993 www. NC400 Definitive performance class D amp for DIY. R5. Feb 17, 2018 Both were built using the Hypex NC400 mono kit.

Hypex UcD700HG HxR 1x700W - Uniwersalny moduł wzmacniacza klasy D LC-Audio ZAPシリーズからDEXA NCDXDeまでの販売終了に伴い、オランダhypex社のディジタルアンプモジュールNC400を採用。 NCORE-SE(200w) DIY Stereo Case-Kit for Hypex(NCORE) NC400 & SMPS1200 & SMPS600. Popular Item 37 viewed per day.